Tiny House Interior Design Ideas for a Cohesive Space

The latest trend for tiny houses, which is growing exponentially all around the world, has shown us that good things really can come in small parcels! Tiny homes are an interior design dream that allows for creativity and lots of out-of-the-box solutions, and a whole industry has arisen around them, providing appliances and fittings that are perfectly suited towards smaller houses.

Spaces in tiny homes need to be multifunctional. Armed with a little creative thinking, you can make space stretch further, so what are the best ways to make a tiny home seem bigger? Here at Tiny Home HQ, we create multi-functional cabins with spacious design features, conceived particularly for tiny homes in NZ,so read on for our favourite tiny house interior design ideas to create a cohesive space.

Let’s Start with Your Living Space

Room dividers are a great way to maximise the functional space in your smaller home. Compact living is about making every inch of it work harder for you, so get going and install bookshelves from floor to ceiling, and maybe use a headboard to zone off your sleeping spot from the rest of the room.

For ultimate flexibility, choose a modular sofa made up of individual pieces that can easily be moved around to suit the needs of the room, eliminating any wasted space. They are also brilliant as room dividers, separating the living and kitchen areas in an open-plan home.

Some Great Ideas for the Kitchen

For your smaller kitchen, rather than committing to permanent fittings, think about using free-standing units that you can move around. Trolleys on casters are ideal as well, as they can be wheeled around the room and tucked away when not in use.

Similarly, when counter space is in short supply, it doesn’t make sense to clutter up your kitchen with a drying rack; instead, opt for a vertical unit that fits over your sink, which will free up valuable preparation space. Also, an oversized wooden chopping board can be laid over the sink, to create additional workspaces, with the advantage of being right near the tap for rinsing vegetables.

Saving Space in the Bedroom

If you want to make the most of every inch of floor space in your bedroom, consider elevating your bed. A platform bed provides valuable storage capacity below, perfect for pull-out baskets for holding everything from clothes to electronics and mementos.

Also, for bedrooms short on space, why not build a ceiling storage rack that can be hidden behind a retractable fabric canopy? Similarly, in small spaces such as bathrooms, opt for floating wall units to give you the illusion of more space, as the floor area will appear larger.

Working from Home in a Smaller Space

While many of us are now working from home, not everyone has the square footage for a separate workspace. Corner desks are a great way to utilise any space you can find or try a pull-down unit with a fold-up chair hung nearby for the smallest home office around!

Plants do wonders for your health and wellbeing, so be sure to fill your tiny home with smaller succulents, herbs, and mini flower varieties that you can scatter about on windowsills and shelves.

Tiny Home HQ For Beautifully Constructed Tiny Homes

Tiny Home HQ not only showcases beautifully constructed, tiny, portable homes, but we also show you how to live a modern, comfortable life in such tiny quarters. We can give you some great ideas on how to construct the various elements of your home to fit your needs.

So, to create a home that is functional and pleasant to be in, or for quality sleepouts in NZcall our show yard in Ranui in Auckland to view our tiny home range.