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Frequently asked questions

If you have further questions phone the team on 022 500 9787

  • Assuming there is a nearby electrical socket, we supply you with a caravan lead to connect your power. Standard is 16amp or you can upgrade to 32amp to run higher power consuming appliances, for an additional cost.
  • To connect your water you will need to a food grade pipe. This connects from the cabin inlet to your water source. 
  • Each cabin comes with a gas califont, installed and certified, for water heating. You can connect up to 2 LPG bottles at a time (not supplied).
  • Waste water disposal depends of the site.  Where possible it is preferable to tap into existing service connection.  In some cases a macerator pump maybe required, should the connection point be an extended distance.
  • Tiny Home HQ can provide advice on options including composting toilets, septic tanks and incinerator toilets.
At this stage we only sell cabins, however, financing a cabin is often cheaper than renting one so feel free to chat to us about this option first.

Yes, we are based at 42 Munroe Road, Ranui. Our opening hours are 9am – 5pm weekdays and 11am – 3pm Saturdays, closed on Sunday. No appointments necessary.

  • Off grid systems are becoming increasingly popular.  Solar with associated battery banks provide an alternate to reticulated power.  
  • Sewage treatment presents a number of options eg composting toilets, septic tanks and incinerator toilets.  Tiny Home HQ is delighted to work with you to find the best option.

No. We build our tiny homes here in our factory and then deliver to your site.

Yes, all tiny homes we build come with a 5 year warranty. Other components have manufacturers warranties for varying amounts of time.

No, the guttering does not come installed. It can easily get damaged in transit so it is the prerogative of the client to install this after delivery.

Please check in with our friendly team as this time can vary depending on our production schedule.

Benefits of Ground Screw Piles

Fast, Versatile and Cost Effective

Expect fast installation since there is no earth work, minutes only to wind in a ground screw and immediate loading is possible. Ground screws come in many shapes and sizes and connect easily and securely to many configurations like beams, posts, poles, plates. It is easy to design cost effectively an adapter for a specific application and enjoy the benefits of ground screws.

The ease to install ground screws makes variations in planning and execution possible to accommodate on the fly: for example, install another ground screw to bridge a gap or switch to a longer one, to accommodate  softer ground than was expected.

Ground screws save time, simplify planning, speed up project execution, eliminate concrete and collateral or remedial work. Ground screws allow to complete projects on time and on budget.

No Digging, No Excavation, No Disposal, No Mess!

Nobody likes digging holes. It is a hard job, leading to lengthy clean ups and damaging to the site. Ground screws are driven directly into the ground without any digging or excavation. Once the location of the screw has been identified and a shallow pilot hole pre-drilled, the screw is simply wound in the ground until level height.

By selecting the appropriate length, ground screws suit every terrain: flat, uneven or even sloping. As it penetrates the ground, the ground screw displaces the soil to the side compressing it without producing any mound on surface. That also means no soil to relocate or dispose of.

No Concrete!

Concrete has valuable uses and qualities. However, it is time consuming, cumbersome mixing equipment is required, pouring and setting is dependent on weather, and eventually it will have to be disposed at the landfill.

All can be avoided with ground screws: hand carry equipment only, installation right upon arrival on site, and no waste material produced (it does not hurt to consider end of life issues when building new)!

Furthermore, ground screws are a lower carbon alternative, use fewer resources and cause less damage. Work faster, easier, and greener, use ground screws!

No Soil Sealing. No Soil Damage. No Traces.

When using ground screws, the soil is not sealed, and the underground not disturbed. Rainwater can circulate freely underneath the structure between the ground screws. An added benefit that reduces the need for costly separate drainage channels.

Ground screws have a very small footprint thanks to their slender shaft. That makes them ideal to work close to trees while avoiding fragile roots (think Kauri!). Little risk of damaging roots if you are not digging! They can also work very close to foundations of existing buildings.

Removal of ground screws is even easier than installation. The surrounding area is left undamaged and easily returns to its original condition. Good news for culturally, historically and environmentally sensitive areas (as well as your own back yard).

No Waiting, Ready for Immediate Loading

Due to the installation method, there is minimal disturbance to the ground. As a result ground screws provide instant load bearing resistance as soon as installed at level height. There is no curing time like for concrete. A bit of rain will not delay installation.

The work can continue immediately speeding up the completion of the project, for example placing the subframe for a deck. Handling fixed deadlines for a project is now easier.

No Compromise - Strong, Durable, Re-usable, Recyclable

Ground screws are built to resist heavy loads and also the elements above and below the ground. Made of structural steel and galvanised, they last for decades.

They can be recycled or reused after the structure supported has been dismantled, no unsightly remains or disposal to landfills to worry about. Make no compromise with ground screws.

Peace of Mind with Knowing the Loads

Prior to installation, in-situ load testing can easily be conducted and digitally recorded to confirm the design and determine the appropriate ground screw for the job. This is particularly useful for uncertain grounds.

Torque monitoring during installation will also confirm the expected load capacity. Know your foundations strength with ground screws.

Access Everywhere

Sometimes a site has poor or difficult access and bringing heavy equipment is a headache. Ground screws and installation equipment are lightweight and can be hand carried. They will easily go where concrete mixing or heavy equipment will not.

With enough headroom, it is even possible to install ground screws inside or below a structure. Limited access projects become feasible without costing dearly.

Temporary Foundations? No Problem!

Ground screws make perfect temporary foundations. They are quick and easy to install, immediately loadable and just as easy to remove by unscrewing them.

Ground screws can be reused. If not, they are 100% recyclable. Leave no trace behind. Temporary structures like suit office, staging and storage are now easier and less costly with ground screws.

What’s our clients say

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