Tiny Homes on Trailers

Placing Tiny Homes on trailers is a popular option for mobility and flexibility. It allows homeowners to transport their homes easily and treat them as vehicles under the Land Transport Act 1998. Therefore subject to conditions may not be classified as a building under the definition of Section 8 of the Building Act

We offer the option of trailers on our units.  The most popular are cabins that are up to 10.8m long.  Typically the trailers are registered, road legal with a WOF.  We happy to discuss the options that we offer.

MBIE has a useful document that provides additional detail, link below:-


Additionally, local zoning and building codes may also come into play when it comes to placing Tiny Homes on trailers. Depending on your location, there might be specific requirements or restrictions regarding where you can park or live in a Tiny Home on a trailer.

To ensure compliance with the law and regulations, it’s always a good idea to seek proper legal advice, consult local authorities, and research the specific rules and requirements that apply to Tiny Homes on trailers in your area.

Our cabins are sold as a vehicle under the Land Transport Act 1998. If the cabin remains a moveable structure, it is not considered a building under the definition of Section 8 of the Building Act.  Our cabins are sold with wheels, a removable drawbar, and can be disconnected with ease from the power, water, and waste systems. You should get an understanding of council requirements to determine whether or not a Resource Consent is required for your proposed site.