Making Your Holiday Home Dream A Reality

Tiny houses are a growing trend all over the world. In New Zealand, this trend has become even more attractive thanks to the high cost of housing and the movement against suburban sprawl. Essentially, the tiny house movement is about much more than living in a small space; it’s a social movement, built around minimalism and sustainability, and that has made it an attractive space for Kiwis seeking an affordable bach. Baches in NZ are the quintessential Kiwi dream. With a tiny cabin, you can place this type of affordable accommodation in your ideal location or move your bach to a new spot each summer. Learn more below about how you can transform a tiny home into your dream holiday getaway.

Your Tiny Bach Can Benefit the Environment

With fewer necessary building materials, a significant decrease in energy consumption, and smaller square footage that can mitigate overcrowding, tiny homes or baches present numerous environmental benefits. So, it’s no surprise that those seeking an eco-friendly lifestyle, or even just a small bach at the beach, have gravitated to the tiny home movement. In general, tiny houses are more cost-effective and eco-friendly, and the houses themselves are less expensive to build. With their small footprint, they can easily go off-grid with solar and gas power. The tiny house movement reflects the shrinking size of the average New Zealand home, as well as the preference for well-designed houses that connect seamlessly with the outdoors.

What Makes This Housing Option So Attractive?

So, what makes this alternative housing option so attractive as a bach? A tiny home can be placed in a backyard, on undeveloped land, or on a small slice of paradise at your favourite beach. Tiny homes have become the ideal alternative to the contemporary Kiwi bach because they are relatively inexpensive and can be transported and relocated just about anywhere if they operate off-grid. Affordability, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and minimalism are also cited as the four most attractive factors that the tiny home lifestyle has to offer. For others, it’s about owning a house without having to buy and own the land.

Availability of Land

For many, land is the biggest barrier to owning a tiny home. However, some New Zealand websites offer resources for people seeking land to rent. These sites connect Kiwis with land to rent or buy for their tiny home, portable cabin, or bach. Land can be very expensive and tricky to track down. Fortunately, there are options available such as Landshare and Trade Your Space.

Go to Tiny Home HQ For Your Dream Bach

Tiny Home HQ has a large range of solutions for that perfect getaway, from ensuite cabins that will suit a family to smaller, more intimate spaces. Our cabins can be found at popular beach locations and in remote locations—even offshore islands. A Tiny Home HQ bach is your gateway to the affordable dream life you’re looking to create. By going tiny, we want to take you on a lifestyle journey and help you redefine what you need for your holiday at the beach. Contact Tiny Home HQ to see why tiny is beautiful.