Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How are power, water and waste connected?

  • We supply you with a 20m caravan lead to connect your power. Standard is 16amp or you can upgrade to 32amp to run higher power consuming appliances, for an additional cost.
  • To connect your water you will need to source a food grade garden hose from a hardware store. This connects from the cabin inlet to your water source. Each cabin comes with a gas califont, installed and certified, for water heating. You can connect up to 2 LPG bottles at a time (not supplied).
  • Waste is collected in a macerator pump. We also have options for composting and cassette toilets.

Are these cabins available to rent?

At this stage we only sell cabins, however, financing a cabin is often cheaper than renting one so feel free to chat to us about this option first.

Do you have cabins I can view?

Yes, we are based at 42 Munroe Road, Ranui. Our opening hours are 9am – 5pm weekdays and 11am – 3pm Saturdays, closed on Sunday. No appointments necessary.

Do you have options for going off the grid?

We can assist with the process of going off grid, however we highly recommend doing your research first.

Do you do on-site builds?

No. We build our tiny homes here in our factory and then deliver to your site.

Do the cabins come with a warranty?

Yes, all tiny homes we build come with a 5 year warranty. Other components have manufacturers warranties for varying amounts of time.

Does the guttering come installed?

No, the guttering does not come installed. It can easily get damaged in transit so it is the prerogative of the client to install this after delivery.

How long will it take to build my cabin?

Please check in with our friendly team as this time can vary depending on our production schedule.


What do I need to apply for finance?

Generally speaking, what our finance providers ideally look for in clients is full-time employment and clean credit. Depending who approves your finance you may be asked for a deposit or additional security. Please do not feel deterred if you do not meet these requirements, have a chat with our team about what your options are.

How do I start a finance application?

The first thing you should do if you’d like to start a finance application is get in touch with one of our friendly team members. You can send us an enquiry, give us a call or send an email and we’ll come back to you. We can help refer you to the most suitable provider and assist you with the process.

Can I pay with cash and finance?

Yes, you can pay with a mixture of cash and finance.

What are the interest rates with finance?

Interest rates are starting from 9.95%. You can secure a lower interest rate if you top up on an existing home loan.

Do I have to finance through one of Tiny Home HQ's partnered lenders?

You do not have to finance through one of our partnered lenders. You can approach any company of your own choosing or go through your bank. Another alternative is to top up your existing home loan.


Is transport included in the price?

Transport is not included in the advertised price. This is dependent on a few factors, the cabin size, where it is going and the ease or difficulty of the delivery. With particular tricky access a crane may be required.

How are the cabins transported?

Our tiny homes are typically transported on a truck with a hiab. If you opt to have your cabin on a trailer you may collect it from our site here in Ranui, or we can tow it to you for an additional cost.

Can you deliver to the South Island?

Our tiny homes can be transported to the South Island. Enquire with the team for more information.

What if the site where I want my cabin is difficult to access?

If you are in the Auckland region we can do a site inspection, outside of this we can inspect on Google Maps to ascertain how we will deliver the cabin. If access is tricky there is the possibility of crane lifting the cabin in for an additional cost.


What will it cost to make changes?

This depends what component you wish to alter. Have a chat with the team about what you would like and we can quote accordingly.

Can I have my cabin on a trailer?

Yes, we can put your cabin on a fully road legal trailer for an additional cost. The largest size cabin that can be put on a trailer is a 10.8m x 3m.

Where can I put a washing machine?

There are a few options for washing machine placement. In larger cabins this can be put in either the bathroom or under the kitchen benchtop. In the smaller cabins we can widen the bathroom and place it there. Past clients have also opted for an outdoor laundry and put it on their decking under a canopy.

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