Raglan Delivery

Custom Tiny Home for a challenging site

This customer tasked us with providing a unit for their stunning property on a ridge just out of Raglan. The challenge was that the steep and narrow gravel access road was not accessible by truck or large crane which is the usual method of delivery.

Tiny Home HQ were able to work around this by contracting a specialized offroad haulage company to get the cabin down the driveway in combination with a small rough terrain crane for the final lift onto piles.

To ensure the small crane was able to lift the 30sqm building, lightweight steel framing was used to keep weight to a minimum. The cabin was placed on engineered screw piles designed for the very high wind zone application.

If you have a site with complex access requirements, feel free to get in touch with the team today to see how we can help put together an integrated build and transport solution.

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