Kawau Island

When Iain Craig wanted to expand his Kawau Island holiday home, he knew Tiny Home HQ could help bring his vision to life.

“We added three separate cabins, with boardwalks between them, so that family and friends could come and stay,” says Iain. “We choose the cabins because they are easy to maintain, they’re ‘lock and leave’, they have composting toilets so they are environmentally friendlier, they’re manageable for the site and they make great use of the land.”

Delivering three buildings to the remote and breezy cliffside plot was always going to be a challenge, but Iain says the Tiny Home HQ team had it covered.

“We’re in a high wind area on top of a hill, so we had to helicopter the frames and bring the rest of the materials over by barge. Tiny Home HQ were brilliant to work with at every stage of the process. Our particular location on the island made it a bit difficult, but most people can put their tiny home on the back of a truck with no problems.”

With the cabins now in place, Iain and his family couldn’t be happier with the results.

“For us, it’s been a fantastic way to get some extra space, and each of the bedrooms can be repurposed for another use, like a home office or art studio, if that suits us better down the line. We’re so pleased with them, it’s everything we need.”