Ian and Fran

Fran and Ian Farrant, were at a stage of their life when they wanted to downsize and take advantage of family land.  Tiny Home HQ provided the opportunity to completely personalise, a living space that worked for them.  The ability to be flexible and tailor a solution was an import success factor.

Working in conjunction with Tiny Home HQ, key features important to Fran and Ian were captured.  This included a “chef’s kitchen” designed with functionality and practicality in mind whilst maximising available storage. Additional windows were a deliberate choice to make the most of the natural light, enjoy the sun, provide indoor-outdoor living and also incorporate the views offered by the location, meaning a greater sense of spaciousness. In the bathroom, a good-sized shower and space for a full-size laundry were important factors. The decision to incorporate an incinerator toilet was primarily driven by regulatory requirements.  However, this type of toilet also offers a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for waste disposal, eliminating the need for traditional plumbing and reducing water consumption.

This collaboration between Fran, Ian, and Tiny Home HQ resulted in an unique and customised tiny home that perfectly reflected their lifestyle and preferences. It provided them with a really functional and enjoyable living space that maximized natural light, embraced the surrounding environment, and met local regulation. The flexibility and tailored approach taken by Tiny Home HQ ensured that Fran and Ian’s downsizing journey was a resounding success.

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