9 Clever and Unique Tiny House Storage Ideas

The tiny house movement has grown exponentially over the last decade, and many innovative, space-saving design solutions have been born out of this new trend. Successful tiny house builds are about good design and innovative storage. Not surprisingly, a whole industry has arisen to meet this need and provide appliances and fittings perfectly suited towards tiny home living. That said, living in a tiny house requires some smart storage solutions, as spaces in tiny homes need to be multifunctional. Compact living in cabins is about making every inch work harder for you. Today, we reveal unique tiny house storage ideas to help you achieve this. Read on to learn nine tips and tricks around making your home space-efficient and cosy.

Tips and Tricks to Maximising Your Tiny Home Storage

If you are looking for solutions to maximise tiny house storage, we have some clever tiny house storage ideas for you.

1. Staircase Storage

If you have stairs in your tiny home, fitting drawers into two or three of your bottom steps will create room to store those items that take up space, such as shoes, books, and electronics. This will provide a completely hidden storage solution that won’t change the look of the stairs.

2. Under Seating

If you need more hidden storage spaces in your tiny house, try seating with built-in drawers. This is an easy way to keep your living space tidy while also keeping things you need close by.

3. Hanging Storage

Using the ceiling to store items is great for keeping countertops clean and freeing up shelves. De-clutter your kitchen and create more space using hooks to hang cutlery, pots, and pans above your head and out of the way of the benchtop.

4. Elevated Clothes Rack

Drying clothes inside on a wet day is easy with an elevated clothes rack with a pulley system for increased floor space. This idea lets you pull other items to store in the ceiling when not in use.

5. Under Bed Storage

Using a lift-up bed with built-in storage will instantly give your tiny house more storage space. This is an ideal place to store clothing and extra blankets during the warmer months.

6. Free Up Kitchen Space With a Pegboard

A pegboard is another great tiny house storage idea. You can use pegboards to create shelves in the kitchen, where you can store mugs, utensils or even a herb garden.

7. Save Space With a Pull-out Bed

A pull-out bed is perfect for freeing up square footage, while at the same time giving you lots more storage. It is really simple to pull the bed out when you are ready to sleep and put it away when you need more room.

8. Install Cabinet Organisers

You can maximise space in your tiny house kitchen or bathroom by installing a pull-out rack with hooks to hang pots and pans or adding stackable storage shelves to keep cleaning supplies neatly organised.

9. Stairway Bookcase

The space surrounding the staircase is often underutilised and offers a multitude of storage opportunity. Why not turn it into a bookshelf accessable from both sides?

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