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Tips to Make Tiny Homes Pet-Friendly

By June 3, 2022No Comments
A small Pomeranian dog next to a pet-friendly tiny home with keys overhead

There are so many advantages to tiny home living. It is budget-friendly & eco-friendly from the outset but making a pet-friendly tiny home can be a little more challenging. While it might be easy for us to adapt our lives to live smaller, our furry friends aren’t quite so accommodating. Luckily, there are several smart solutions to keep your pet’s—and your own—wellbeing in check within your new wee space.

Think about what your pet does daily and what they need to keep happy and healthy. Each animal is different, so take our tips and make them work for your four-legged, flighty, or fishy friend! 

Up the Exercise Dates with Longer Walks

Tiny homes have less space to roam than the average home, so it’s important your pet keeps up their daily exercise. Instead of walking the pup once a day, consider a twice or even thrice daily walk to make sure they stretch their legs and release any pent-up energy. If you are time-poor, invest in a dog-walker or puppy playschool so they can get a little social time in too!

If you’re lucky enough to have a feline flatmate, make sure they have space to jump, play and roam around. Consider an outdoor cat that’s happy to range around freely so they don’t get cabin fever!

As an aside, fish also need more than their standard fishbowl. A great idea is to incorporate a built-in aquarium into your tiny home! Perhaps replace a long wall division with a tank so you can still separate your space and keep Goldie swimming freely!

Get Creative with Playthings & Places

Pets need to have places to play that keep them engaged. Although space might be tight in a pet-friendly tiny home, it just means you need to get a little more creative!

Cats love to climb. A great way to keep them happy is to think about using your wall space to create a little feline fun. Install multi-levelled shelving across the walls so they can leap to and fro or install ramps along with mezzanine balconies and down stairwells!

Cats and dogs alike need to have their own space for quality alone time. Allocate your pet a special space all its own and kit it out with a cosy bed and blankets. It’s a great way to use negative space as well. Think about using the space underneath stairs, breakfast bar, or even underneath your bed. They’re sure to appreciate it!

Make Sure they Can Roam with Clever Access

If you have an outdoor cat or small dog, a pet door flap is great for them to come and go from the outdoors. Dogs will need a fully fenced plot, but cats generally have excellent noses for home. (or at least their food bowl!)

An indoor cat can be a little trickier, considering the need for a litter box. A nifty tip is to have a ‘litter cupboard’, or a small space to tuck the litterbox away from sight but is still easily accessible. A cabinet will do the trick but make sure you’ve cut a cat-shaped hole in the door so they can come and go as they please.

Keep It (and them) as Clean! 

Pets shed hair like nobody’s business which becomes a little bothersome in a small space. A pet-friendly tiny home means the weekly clean will most likely need to become a twice-weekly clean to make sure those small hairs, dirty pawprints, and sloppy food bowls are hygienic.

Don’t forget your pets also need to clean themselves. Cats are self-sufficient in this area, but dogs can take a little more work. If your bathroom is on the small side (a likely story in a tiny home), get a tub that can be filled and used as an outdoor washing station, or find a good groomer!

A clean pet keeps them healthy and will lower your risk of allergies and irritations becoming a problem.

Incorporate Windows into Your Tiny Home Design

Windows are a great design feature for any house, pet-friendly tiny home or not. A light-filled room is good for human health and can be a great way to keep your pets stimulated and entertained, especially if you’re out and about a lot during the day.

Think about incorporating windows around their nooks or glass just above the skirting boards so they can have an eye-level view without compromising on insulation or heating. 

Create a Pet-Friendly Tiny Home Paradise with Tiny Home HQ

Tiny houses in New Zealand are taking off as more people see their many benefits, and pets shouldn’t be a barrier to the dream of small living. Whether you’re in a self-contained unit, granny flat, or detached tiny home cabin, there are so many ways to tailor your tiny home to suit you and your best mate. Tiny Home HQ is here to help you realise a 100% pet-friendly tiny home that caters to your needs too. 

We can tailor our cabins to suit your lifestyle—pets and all—before delivering them wherever you need them on the North Island. Get in touch with our friendly team to explore our range of cabins, studios, and more!