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How Granny Flats Can Benefit the Whole Family

By September 3, 2021No Comments
Grandmother reads in her granny flat with her young granddaughter

It may sound old-fashioned, but the idea of a granny flat deserves some attention. Families are less connected than they were when parents would live with their children’s families, providing benefits for all concerned. In other countries—Spain, for example—the family possibly derives more benefit for themselves from this arrangement than the grandparents who are doing the shopping, cooking, and babysitting. 

However, the perks for grandparents living in granny flats in NZ are many and fulfilling, enjoying their grandkids while maintaining their independence and improving their safety, so let’s see if a granny flat from Tiny Home HQ would suit you!

What is a Granny Flat?

Granny flats got their name from the purpose they initially served, namely that families could keep their ageing parents close while giving them their own space. This helped keep the family together while affording everyone their privacy. 

Building a granny flat allows parents to live closer to family members, who not only offer much-needed care but also give grandparents extra comfort in their later years.

A granny flat is a great way to give older parents graceful ageing while allowing families to spend more time together. On top of that, it is a much more affordable alternative to aged care homes.

The Benefits of Building a Granny Flat

Granny flats have some very real benefits for families, giving additional space for your ageing parents, while providing them independence and space from the main family home, and will help make them feel wanted and useful. Being closer to their family—particularly their grandkids—can only give joy and fulfilment. 

In addition, a granny flat can add space, style, and value to your property, so that when the time comes to sell the family home, you will benefit from the added value of the dwelling on your property. 

The Whole Family Will Benefit from a Granny Flat

Benefits will attain to both older and younger adults, appreciating each other more fully with a daily closeness not possible when living far away. Older adults who may need supervision will appreciate living in their own home, which will help them maintain mental alertness as they grow older. From the family’s point of view, mum and dad (or gran and granddad) living in the back yard means that visits are no problem, and the family can also quickly respond to emergencies as needed. 

The biggest benefit of all is the constant presence of an older person in the family, with all its attendant blessings, something we have lost in these modern times.

Tiny Home HQ Cabins for Smarter Living

With the current price of property in New Zealand, we are becoming more creative with how we use the space we have purchased, with maximum use of the available space giving us better value for money. Whether your granny flat brings in extra income, it will still be a valuable addition to your property. 

Here at Tiny Homes, we have a great range of cabins to buy. We provide turnkey accommodation solutions, providing the design, build, delivery, and installation of studios and cabins with kitchenettes and bathrooms. They create flexible-use cabins providing space-saving design features, and if you enquire today, you could have a cabin delivered to your pre-prepared site in three to four weeks! Contact us today to learn more.